27 May 2015

"This was a terrible idea."

We were smelly, thirsty, and uncomfortable. One of us was crying loudly and pathetically (ahem, Alice). And why are those tent flap zippers so miserable!? Why!? It was around this time in the wee hours between Sunday and Monday that I said aloud to a sleeping Jake, "this was a terrible idea."

Camping with a one year old? What were we thinking? Something like "oh, Alice will just sleep with me." Well, she did sleep with me- directly across my face. When we woke up on Monday morning Alice had rolled into the corner of the tent and was face planted onto the floor. When she stirred awake Jake whispered "she looks like a little gremlin!" 

Poor thing. She really did look like a sleepy little dirty gremlin. 

Other than the sleeping part, it was a nice trip to our favorite state. We visited family, stopped by Grammy's house, and ate at our regular, delectable places. The dogs loved the walks and hike and I never mind driving through the mountains. We live in a beautiful area, but the thing with ocean is that you can't see it unless you're right next to it. Mountains on the other hand? They're there, all around you, all the time. Big looming reminders of our smallness and humanity. As Jane Austen wrote: "What are men to rocks and mountains?"

19 May 2015

a year

This is for us- and for Alice, our deeply loved little spark:

15 May 2015

thoughtful thoughts // 32

Another beautiful quote from Karen Maezen Miller. If you haven't read Momma Zen, I highly recommend it, along with subscribing to her blog.
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